The John Lennon Educational Tour Bus is a Travelling HD Video Production Studio

Putting together a professional video production is needless to say, really, really pricey. Taking this in to consideration, the John Lennon Educational Tour Bus was created. It’s a non-profit mobile audio and HD video recording and production facility on wheels. Inside of the bus has been divided in to three separate studios, though it can be opened to create one large studio as well. There is a cutting-edge audio and video production room, a room for pro-level recording and mizing, and there is also an iso booth for acoustic recordings and a green screen booth. The studio is powered unsurprisingly, by Apple computers, and carries some traditional musical instruments. There is also an on-board Mackie P.A. system so that can performances can be made on the side of the bus. Since 1998, the non-profit bus has travelled to hundreds of High Schools, Colleges, Boys and Girls Clubs, music festivals, concerts, conventions and community organizations. This is an inspiring project, first of all it offers kids and communities access to tools that they otherwise would not likely have access too. Also, we’re loving the idea of a comfy bus packed with tons of computer and A/V equipment. But is there a bathroom?