Nancy Drew Dossier PC Game Lights, Camera, Curses! for Super Sleuths

Nancy Drew is one of those admirable characters that has transcended generations – my mother read Nancy Drew growing up, and so did I. And chances are that my kids will be playing her PC adventure games. Now there is a new series of Nancy Drew games called the Dossier series, which is aimed at more casual game play. The first game – Lights, Camera, Curses! has Nancy Drew undercover on the set of a controversial remake of a famous 1930’s film, “Pharaoh”. Nancy needs to find out who is behind the press leaks and odd accidents that are putting the production in danger. On her journey she’ll discover whether sabotage is behind it all, or if maybe it’s a curse from the movie’s original fallen star. The game goes sale today for $19.99 and is available to download, but you can get a discount for the game’s download by playing a special Flash game which awards winners with a discount.

Nancy Drew Dossier is a next generation casual game series that creates a captivating mystery around its hidden-object gameplay.  Tasks are accomplished as part of the story — and not just as stand-alone exercises — so that as players progress, clues for both a current and ancient mystery are revealed.  The better the detective, the more bonus points the player earns, which ultimately un-locks an exciting alternate ending.