Smart-e-bear is a Smarty Pants

I love teddy bears. I especially love teddy bears that are smart – that is why Teddy Ruxpin was my teddy of all time. Just pop in a tape and he told you about exciting stories or educated you about reading or math. The smart-e-bear is a modern day version that is just as huggable and loveable, only this time you can download all the fun directly into your new best friend. Just squeeze his paw to start and kids music, fun games, and interactive stories start playing. Out of the box Smart-e-bear comes with tons of cool things to do, but once your kids are over that, you can head over to their on-line store to download more entertainment. Besides smart-e-bear there is also smart-e-cat and smart-e-dog. The Smart-e-bear retails for $67.70.