Toy Fair ’09: KizPal and KizMoto Combine USB Keys and Interactive Fun

The big theme this Toy Fair was how can you make a toy not only be fun in real life but also have it come to life on the web. KizPal is a unique toy that is one part action figure, other part web based interactive toy. Each KizPal doll comes with a USB key shaped as you guessed it – a key! Placed nicely under the base of the doll. Once you detach the key from the base and plug it in to your computer, you unleash a whole

interactive world online. Play 3D games and interact with kids in a completely 3D world called KizPlanet that is not only fun but safe. So parents have no need to worry. The KizPal will cost about $24.99. If cars are more your thing, then there is KizMoto. The same concept basically but the USB key unlocks a whole world of racing and earning KizCash to purchase cool things in KizPlanet. KizMoto will retail for $24.99 as well.