Toy Fair ’09: Dora’s Explorer Girls Features the Most Unique Interactive Experience Yet

At Toy Fair we got to see an exclusive preview of Dora’s Explorer Girls as well as the new and older Dora the Explorer as a teenager . And after seeing the demo in person, we’re pretty confident that this will indeed be one of the hottest toys of the holiday 2010 season. The new Dora doll takes interactivity to a whole new level. There is a fair share of dolls that connect to the internet to unlock a virtual world, but the Dora Links Fashion doll doesn’t just do that – it takes it a step further by letting kids use the computer to customize the actual doll, by literally plugging in Dora via USB to their computer. Want to make Dora’s hair grow? Just a single click will get the actual Dora doll’s hair to grow in length. Want to make Dora have pink earrings? Using your computer, you can also have the Dora doll’s earrings actually turn pink! The customization opportunities are seemingly endless, and the fact that you get to see your personal touches for Dora happen in real time on a real physical doll is quite a feat of modern technology.

Additionally kids will be able to explore Dora’s interactive online world where they can explore, solve mysteries, and more. The Dora Links doll even has a special magical alert system which lets kids know that there have been new mysteries added to the Dora site – even when kids are away from the computer. Dora has grown up and is now in middle school so she has new fashions and a new look that she is ready to strut. The Dora Links fashion doll is expected to retail for $59.99 and there will also be other Dora Explorer Girls dolls and accessories available. We can’t reveal what Dora will look like now but her fans will certainly not be disapointed.