Just in Time for Obama’s Inauguration – PrezQuest: A “Live” Online Presidential Family Adventure

With president Obama’s inauguration only one day away, there is no better time than the present to get your child educated about the office of the President and its history. PrezQuest is a web-based live interactive experience designed for both parents and their kids ages 6-12. PrezQuest features Flying Rhinoceros’ best-selling book,  “Wooden Teeth & Jelly Beans,” which was created in cooperation with the Smithsonian and published by Scholastic with a forward by President Gerald Ford. The unique PrezQuest experience includes a 30 minute live online adventures that takes users through different aspects of presidency. All the while there is a live teacher taking part as a tour guide. PrezQuest also includes interactive multiplayer games, as well as cartoons to watch. PrezQuest costs $6.99 per event or $11.99 for the event and the book “Wooden Teeth & Jelly Beans.” At this time PrezQuest is only available to PC users.