Swinxs Games Console is Designed for the Outdoors

Every so often, a toy comes along that is super intelligent in concept and functionality. Swinxs is one such toy. It’s a high-tech games console designed to get kids to play active games, both indoors and outdoors. Swinxs can talk, can recognize, encourages and explains games and it can even act as a referee. Included with the Swinxs system are XS-Tag which are colorful armbands that have embedded microchips that are used to communicate with Swinxs. Swinxs is capable of coordinating all types of games – from Tag to educational quizzes. Each player gets a colored XS-Tag armband to wear so that they can participate in games and also keep track of their own personal profile and scores. Swinxs can also be connected to your computer and from there you can keep track of scores and download new games. You can purchase Swinxs for £85.00 (about $106 USD) and it comes with 4 XS-tags and 7 built-in games.