Girl Tech Stylin Studio Review

Mattel brings makeover to a whole new level with Girl Tech Stylin Studio. Stylin studio is designed for the makeover artist in every little girl. It has a touch pad easel that bares the Barbie trademark colors. The easel comes with a touchpad pen, camera, small mirror, and USB cord all in one. It also includes a installation CD with easy to follow instructions. Installation is simple – anyone who knows a little PC knowledge can hook this up. Place the CD in the CD-ROM then wait for the prompt to plug in the easel into the computer using the USB that is attached to the easel and wallah! In 3 Minutes it’s installed and your little one can start making over the world.

Stylin Studio allows you to practice on seven “dummy” faces, but if you want to makeover your own it’s simple – just click on the camera icon and follow the directions. They will ask you to adjust the picture to fit the program, place eyebrows, eyeliner, eyeshadow, lips, skin tone, and blush to face. Then click on the makeup icon and start painting. You can choose from a rainbow of colors to use for the eyes, lips, foundation, and blush. Hair choices include many hot new looks, formal do’s, flip styles, curls, highlights, and straight styles. If you don’t like what there is to offer you can always click on hair salon and re-style one of the existing styles to your liking, cut a little hair and add some color there, etc…

Now that hair and makeup are done it’s time to choose something to wear. Clothing consists of tops, jackets, and scarves mix and match to get the look you want. Almost done, but we can’t forget to accessorize! Glasses, earrings, necklaces, tiaras, and flowers are available to choose from in a variety of colors and styles. Now that we’re all glammed out, you can choose from multiple backgrounds and either print your makeover or send it to a friend by email.

In my opinion, Girl Tech Stylin Studio is a fun and useful toy. It’s very easy to install and use. It’s not just a kids toy, but it can help someone who is looking for a new look get an idea before going to the beauty salon. However there is one thing you must keep in mind before taking a picture of yourself – you must pull your hair back in a ponytail before taking the picture. Otherwise, the hair choices look funny and you can see your own hair style not being covered by the new style. Overall, I think $69.99 is a reasonable price for this toy because it would cost you a lot more to get a makeover in a salon and who knows what the outcome would be there, this way you get to see the results before you actually put in the time and investment of going to a real salon. Kids will also find it very entertaining, and it definitely encourages creativity.  The Girl Tech Stylin Studio is designed for ages 8 and up, there are no batteries required and it can be found at Kohls, Amazon.com, Etoys.com, Kmart,KBtoys, Toys R Us, Target, Limited Too, and Walmart.

The Good: Great way to prepare for a makeover. Lots of styles and options to do makeovers for hours. Easy to use. Brings creativity and the inner Rachel Zoe out in tweens.

The Bad: If you run out of people to makeover then the Stylin Studio is pretty much closed..