Elmo Live Mini-Review with Video

When we where first introduced to Elmo Live back in April, it was love at first sight. How he interacted during the presentation and the overall evolution of technology from the days of Tickle Me Elmo and now to Elmo Live was amazing. He sat and told stories, danced, laughed, and sneezed. It was as if the little red monster we love was actually real and interacting with us. After the 15 minute demo we were then told Elmo Live wouldn’t be available till late October. So it was with baited breath that we waited and waited. Finally mid October rolled around and we finally got our hands on Elmo Live and boy where we excited to see if he was as social as he was during his demonstration.

Elmo Live comes in an nice size box that is open in front so you can play with him first before purchasing him. Before you pull his tag out from test mode, all he will say over and over again is how much he loves you when you press the button on his foot. When you pull the tag out that’s when Elmo comes alive. There are several areas on Elmo that you can touch that will signal different responses. Squeeze his nose and he will sneeze. Press a button on his back and he will ask you for a hug or want you to scratch his back. Press his tummy and he will tell you story or a joke.  Elmo is so endearing and cute, that when you stand him in the middle of your home, it’s as if you have welcomed a new addition to your family. He even comes with his own little blue stool for when he needs to sit down to tell you a story. When Elmo tells you he loves you – you really believe he does through and through. I have never encountered a more genuine robotic monster.

The one downside of Elmo Live is that he isn’t very huggable. You just want to squeeze and give this little guy a hug every time he makes an adorable comment but the thin red fur-like material that covers the plastic robotic body makes it a bit tough to do so. It would have been nice if Fisher Price added a bit of foam or something to just make him a little more comforting to hold, especially after Elmo tells you how much he loves you.

I enjoyed my time with Elmo Live immensely and this little red monster will make a great gift this holiday season. However as I look at Elmo Live it becomes creepily clear how much closer we are to creating a Terminator… Elmo Live retails for $59.99 without additional batteries or $67.98 with batteries at Toys ‘R’ Us, which is a reasonable price for everything he does and the hours of fun he will provide for your little one. The best part is there is an on/off switch underneath his foot, for when you finally do get tired after the 100th time of him telling you, how much he loves you.