Disney Themed Hypersuite Transforms Your Desktop In to a Magical World

disneytheme.jpgMy parents sad me down at a computer at age 3 and look how I turned out! All jokes aside, and while it’s a controversial subject, we here at Chip Chicklets think it’s a good idea to get your kids working on computers at a young age. And what better way then to entice them in to the world of PCs than by skinning the computer with a Mickey Mouse theme? Hyperdesk is software that lets you transform your desktop into something much more personable. The new Disney It’s A Magical World Hypersuite comes with 7 multi-colored hyperthemes, 29 icons, wallpapers & Windows Media Player video skin. The Mickey Mouse Yahoo! audio widget remote for iTunes & Windows Media Player 11 is also included. The Disney Themed Hypersuite retails for $14.99.