Hasbro Holiday Lineup for 2008: Life-Like Dogs, Dinosaurs, and more

furreal23.jpgI was giddy with delight yesterday at Digital Life when I got a chance to sneak a peek at the latest holiday line-up from Hasbro. iPhones and GPS systems aside, I think this is was downright the best thing at the exhibit yesterday.

Kota the Triceratops:
The size of this thing in person is as lifelike to what I assume the real one was. In comparison to size with Pleo, Kota’s head is about the size Pleo’s entire body. Utilizing animatronics, this life size baby dino moves and makes noises by the simple touch of your child. He is even big enough for your 3 year old to hop on board and ride as you lead him around with the hidden handle in Kota’s head.
Available sometime in Fall, Kota will be a little costly at $300 but I think well worth the Jurassic park experience in your home.

Furreal Friends Biscuit, My Lovin PUP:
I love Dogs!! I grew up with them and still melt at their big brown eyes. But sadly ever since I moved to the big city and I’m never home and having a dog now wouldn’t be right. So when I saw Biscuit, my heart just leapt with delight. Now only was he cute and cuddly but he also was another lifelike addition the the Furreal Friends Collection which already included the very popular Furreal Friends Squawkers McCaw Polly Parrot. Biscuit is bound for Lassie type star status. He is adorable and lifelike responding to when you pet his ear or even give him a biscuit. He will give you his paw and sit up or laydown. He will also wag his tail with delight if you pet all the right sensors on his back, behind his ear, or on his head. He will even respond when spoken to with a bark. A great gift for kids who always cry about wanting a puppy but just aren’t ready yet for the responsibility of one.
It’s also a great doll for someone like me who misses having a dog around but doesn’t have to get up and walk him and worry about it being entertained while I’m away.
Biscuit will retail for $179.99 and will also be available in the Fall.
Room Tech Beingz:
Made for the tweens set, the room tech line is a funky collection of alarm clocks with lamps and if
you have a few around they will communicate with each others wirelessly. Bright LED lights and
motion are bound to get any sleepy head out of bed. Available in the fall and will retail for $39.99.

I have to say I may not be a kid but these are some of the most innovative toys I have seen
in a long time. I certainly wouldn’t be insulted if someone adopted Biscuit for me.