Mattel Launches BarbieGirls V.I.P.

2.jpeg13 Million registered users belong to the BarbieGirls.com virtual world and with the launch of the new subscription service Barbie Girls V.I.P parents are about to spend a little more money on Barbie. The V.I.P. membership will cost $5.99 a month and unlock a whole new world of possibilities. In addition, BarbieGirls also launched Parents’ Place in late April to encourage open dialogue about on-line safety as well as play with their young children. Mattel has always emphasized the importance of fun as well as the overall safety of children with the involvement of their parents. Later this summer Parents Place will also be expanded on BarbieGirls.com. Parents will have an even more interactive experience with their young children so they that they both can enjoy BarbieGirls’ virtual world safely.

These are just a list of some of the new fun and exciting things a V.I.P. Subscription will get you:


• Crown their own online character with a special virtual tiara
• Have total access to the Extreme DreamPark, a fantasy-themed adventure park which includes the Sparkle Coaster Race game and Purple Parlor
• Visit Tail Shakin’ Tree House, a tree house just for pets
• Adopt their very own virtual pet, which lives in their room
• Give and receive makeovers in the Club Beauty™ spa
• Stage a fashion show in the Glam Gowns shop
• Invite friends to their personally designed rooms and visit their friends’ rooms
• “Purchase” members-only fashions, accessories and more
• “Buy” V.I.P.-only furniture and room decor
• “Purchase” pet accessories
• Play multi-player games
• Send and receive gifts to online friends
• Earn and spend B Bucks™

The Basic version of BarbieGirls.com is still accessible for free but you know you want to bother mom and dad for that extra 5.99 a month. BarbieGirls V.I.P. is live now.4.jpeg