Last Minute Gift Guide for Kids

kidsgifts1.jpgI am the ultimate procrastinator hence this gift guide going up two days before Christmas. But for those parents or others looking for presents for young ones at the last minute here are some great gift ideas – if you can still find them in the store of course!

Dolls Dolls Dolls –
Bratz dolls and Barbie Dolls are still the hottest items for little girls who like to play dress up and make believe. Bratz babyz Twiins, Bratz Girlfriendz Nite Out Doll, Bratz Accessories. Anything Bratz that was spelled incorrectly with a Z in it is hip. Of course Barbie dolls will forever be in style and with so many different ones how can you go wrong, The Fairytopia and Fashion Fever Dolls are not only unique and special on their own but there are plenty of Accessories, DVD’s etc… to go along with them to keep your little one’s mind occupied for hours.

Hannah Montana –
What has to be the tickle me Elmo of 2007 is ANYTHING Hannah Montana. Who would have dreamed Billy Ray Cyrus’ tot would be creating havoc on the pre-teen set. But she is – from Hannah Montana CD’s, Posters, Concerts, Singing Hannah Montana Concert Doll by Play Along, and who couldn’t resist brushing their teeth with the Hasbro’s Tooth Tunes while a Hannah Montana song plays in beat to your brushing up and down.
Just about anything you get will please those Hannah Montana fanatic’s in your home.

MP3 Players –
The next generation might as well be called the Ipod generation and many of the manufacturers certainly want to aim their sights on making kids hard of hearing at 15 instead of 40.
Barbie Girls MP3 Player is one of the most popular this season with the ability to change their clothes and accessories by snapping on different plastic pieces.
There is also the affordable Sandisk’s Sansa Shaker which comes in various colors and when you shake it, it goes to the next song. And there is also the Nickelodeon SpongeBob SquarePants MP3 Player. There are so many more out there but these three are known to be the most kid friendly of the bunch.

Tech Gadgets –
UB Funkeys is hands down one of the most unique products to be released this year. It is not only cute but unlocks an entire virtual world on-line that can grow as you add more Funkeys to your collection. This product is not only appealing to kids but grown-ups as well. There is also Mio Pup which acts like a real dog with out the poop and walking. Leapfrog products still continue to be the cool learning toy and for those who only wanted a pony for Christmas there is the FurReal Friends Pony Named S’Mores that is scarily lifelike with realistic movements and reactions to your love and attention. I bet Lisa Simpson gets this….

High School Musical –
Lastly what holiday gift guide would be complete without mentioning High School Musical. Yes it gave Zac Efron a career and others nose jobs but along with it came tons of Dolls, Books, Board games,CD’s, and DVD’s – just about anything that you could slap a HSM logo on and Zac’s pretty face. 2008 promises even more High School Musical loot as well as a movie. One of the more interesting things I found was High School Musical: Sing It! with Microphone for Nintendo Wii which you can actually sing along with in different scenes of the movie. You can become fully immersed which for anyone who is obsessed with this movie will certainly love.

Well there you go – my last minute gift ideas for the kiddies.
Good luck still finding any of these goodies but I did check around at Target and Toys R’ Us and they still have a lot of these items in stock. So HURRY and run to collect what will certainly make that little boy or girl very happy this season.