Nine Year Old’s Invention Keeps the Toilet Seat Lid Down

capt65be296cfcfb4b03a17a0cb0d6a19159privy_prop_ny146.jpgHere at Chipchicklets we not only feature reviews, toys, and gadgets for kids. We also like to mention the few times when one of these kids actually makes their own gadget!! Jake Wulf, a 9yr old boy from Iowa who is already in his school’s Talented and Gifted program, with the help of his dad created the “Privy Prop.” This very useful and creative invention is based upon the same concept similar to the garbage can that has lids that go up and down with the control of the foot pedal. There is always one thing that geniuses lack in and Jake was no different – He would forget to put down the toilet seat down. Nice to see that he actually has one part of him that shows he is still a typical boy. Jake drew the design and his father helped making sure his son didn’t get injured with the tools “Jake built plywood base and then cut thin pieces of steel and fashioned a teeter-totter at the bottom. You step on it and the seats raises. You step off and it closes.” Once it was completed the Wulf family sought out the dictionary to name Jake’s prized toilet contraption. Final choices being “Jake’s John Jack” “Privy Prop” and “Privy Proper” – “Privy Prop” was the obvious winner. Jake’s invention has already been judged at an Invention Convention and a Producer from Ellen Degeneres’s daytime talker reached out to Jake’s family as well to be on the show. The show was tapped and aired last week. All I can say is this kid has got one bright future and I’m sure an open invitation to work at Kohler when the time comes.