Monopoly: Boutique Edition Board Game – Greed is good for pre-teen girls too.

ptru1-3538619dt.jpgMonopoly is not exactly a gadget or anything tech related but I loved monopoly as a kid and I still do. I long for the days of owning Boardwalk and Park Place and even those dumps on Baltic avenue. After landing on them, my family would pay dearly for the 3 hotels I bought. I digress…I guess that’s why I ended up in Real Estate. But anyhow I couldn’t resist not posting this. Toys”R”Us has an exclusive on a totally girl focused pink Monopoly set meant for pre-teens and teens. In The Monopoly: Boutique Edition Board Game you can buy boutiques and malls instead of hotels and houses. Go on shopping sprees and pay your cell phone bill (see there was something techie related after all!) Instead of the community chest and chance cards there are now Instant Message and Text Message cards. The title cards are even pink! My little girl is gonna get this! When I have one eventually – you can’t start them to young to become the next female Trump. Monopoly: Boutique Edition Board Game retails for $29.99 and can only be bought at Toys”R”Us or ebay.