iRiver Disney MPlayer for Mickey Mouse Fans

963e_1.JPGFor all you tween’s who can’t get enough of those tunes from Disney’s High School Musical 2 and those random adults – Yeah I’m talking to you! Some lucky folks in Hong Kong and South Korea can always be reminded visually of that famous mouse that now brings you sweet dreams of Zac Efron. Originally only slated to be sold and created for Hong Kong Disney – South Korea seems to be the only place outside Hong Kong or maybe ebay that has them.

Basically a very simple MP3 and WMA player that gives you nothing visually stimulating to look at but the mickey shaped player. How you load songs into the player is exactly how you hear them in order and the only feature is making the sound higher or lower by twisting the little round shaped “ears” of the Mplayer. The highest the volume will go is 20 and it comes with a Headset and built in battery that lasts 8 hours.

It only stores 1GB of songs and other than that is really an item for those Disney fanatics or kids under 10 because lets be real – we knew all knew how to make the volume go higher and lower when we were 3 before the day of the ipods… And I like I said it could be found on ebay for $79, the price of a 2G ipod Shuffle. For a more in depth review check out Pocketables.