Barbie Girls MP3 Player Giveaway Contest Winners

barbiegirlsmp3players5.jpgIt took some hard decision making, but we finally decided on 8 entries that earned themselves a brand spankin’ new Barbie Girls MP3 Player. We only wish that we could send an Mp3 Player to all of the contestants, every contestant really sent in something from the heart. Congratulations to all of the winners, who should be getting their new MP3 players any day now. Below are copies of the winning entries.


Barbie from Mattel is present in so many of my childhood memories.
I’m still really fond of my old Barbie dolls and whenever I take them out it’s like travelling back in time! And I can share the fun with my niece now.
I would love for her to have a Barie Girls MP3 player.

– Anna
i am on barbiegirls.com everyday and because it is summer i am on it about 15 hours a day. I enjoy playing games and spending a hundred dollors on clothes. i’ve priced them every where and i dont have enough money to bye one so if i win a free MP3 player i will be on twice as much and it will make me so happy considering i dont earn money easily and if i try to save money to get this for $60 it will take me over a year so please get back to me and i hope i win.

– A

Barbie and Mattel has changed my life in many ways. First,Barbie has brought new toys to my life and that way it entertains me because back in the days they didn’t have such toys as in today. Mattel has changed my life because the company has invented many toys that are not only entertaining but educational. It helps children better in school and helps them learn more things. If I had this MP3 Player i would be so proud because i don’t have one and i always wanted and besides it’s pretty cool because you changer her outfit. Not only that but you can connect her to your computer and use her to play Barbie Girls Beta. There you can make new friends,buy clothes and furniture, decorate your room,chat,and even adopt a pet.So if I had this mp3 player i would sooo happy.

– Michelle

I am the father of a 7 year old daughter. My daughter spends hours with her 30 plus Barbie dolls. This Barbie MP3 player would be a huge attraction for her. She is net-savvy as she has Web-Kinz and logs on often. She uses her Barbies to act out different social scenarios and would absolutely love to have her favorite music on your MP3 Barbie. Please consider my daughter for your Barbie MP3 give-away.

– Richard
To tell you the truth im not so into barbies these days. But i do have fond memories of them. I grew up with 2 older brothers. There weren’t many girls my age in my town and when there were, they were only after my brothers and were willing to stab and spit me up to get to them. No matter how things brought me down in my wee years of life, i always had my barbies. Some lady that i have no memory of what so ever built me a dream barbie house. and this thing was huge. but in the end it was a sanctuary. It was a place to go when brothers were off skateboarding or playing halo.. or whatever games they had back then. Barbie was always my friend and never let me down (unless i told her to mwuahahaha) If i win the barbie mp3 player, im not going to lie to you i wouldnt keep it. But i think i would give it to a very poor little friend of mine who has 2 brothers of her own. I would show her that barbie can be her friend too.

– Aubrey
I’m 33 years old, and thank goodness, I never had a desire to own the Barbie bus, pool, clothing line, or Barbie Tijuana Mansion. But now I have a 4 year old daughter, and my how times have changed. Now my house is inundated, not only with Barbie that we’ve purchased for her, but now her mother’s and her aunt’s old Barbie supplies, toys, accessories, bathroom toiletries, etc. have suddenly filled my house. How has Barbie affected my life? I’ve had to take on two more jobs and solicit myself on corners just to make the monthly payments on our 2500 square foot house just to accommodate all this Barbie memorabilia, plus fill my daughter’s addiction for her weekly Barbie fix.

Of course, the majority of this is not true. My daughter just loves Barbie stuff and she sees her dad with his mp3 player. I’m sure she would love this little mp3 player and it’d bring a little bit of joy to her life. Thanks for a great blog! I love my daily chip chick fix!

– Chris
I’m kind of old to want a Barbie Girls MP3 Player, but even though i am 26 years old I still have all of the Barbies (and Kens) I have ever owned. I guess I am sort of a collector at this point. I didn’t stop playing Barbies until I was 15! I have just always loved being able to dress up and accessorize Barbie Dolls and would love to add the Barbie Girls MP3 player to my collection.

– Linda

I never actually played with Barbies growing up, but my sisters did and they loved them. Their room always had Barbie dolls all over the place. Now I have a little girl of my own and she is just starting to become interested in Barbie dolls. I think the Barbie Girl Mp3 Player would be perfect for her because she already loves Barbies and she would get a jump start on a real working gadget that she would use a lot, not just an ordinary toy that doesn’t really work.

– Harry