Fun Slides Carpet Skates Mini-Review

funslidesinaction.jpgHow do you replicate the famous Tom Cruise dress shirt/underwear slide in scene if you live in a carpet only house? Fun Slides Carpet Skates. This is a foot long piece of plastic with grip foam on the inner side that your foot sticks to once you are Velcro strapped in. Getting momentum was very challenging and the Fun Slides were very awkward to maneuver. There are ribbed lines along the first couple inches of the shoe are meant to give you some control for push offs. However the plastic is slippery and makes for an unsettling fear of doing unwanted splits. They are indeed fun if you fancy yourself a dare devil on carpets. Don’t forget to wear a helmet and clear the room of vases. These skates are a slippery and feel akin to actual ice skates, so be sure that you have a good sense of balance before running off with them. And let’s face it- nothing can replace socks on a slick hardwood floor. Fun Slides Carpet Skates retail for $19.99 and are available in 6 colors including pink, blue, red, lime, purple, and silver.sunslidescolors1.jpg