Khet Laser Strategy Game Review

stock-khet-pic2.jpgHow do you get a ten year old to play chess? Promise them lasers! Khet is a 2 player game that is aimed for children 9 and up (rules are fully described in a 5/15 archive issue).

Its strategy and objectives are very similar to chess, in the removal of your opponent’s King or in this case, Pharaoh. However upon playing you quickly discover that there is a reason it is labeled as a “Mensa Select National Competition Winner.” The fact that it is honored by the HIGH IQ society might inspire some children to panic and wonder whether good ol’ mom and dad are pulling a fast one on them.

Ancient Egyptians used mirrored light to illuminate their temples and pyramids. While fascinating in concept, translation onto a board game may not captivate younger children.

stock-khet-pic.jpgThe redeeming wow factor of the lasers leads to disappointment since they are only visible on the pieces themselves. So unless you routinely utilize a smoke machine, it won’t look as cool as on the box. One question that lingers is in the selection of playing pieces. A key piece, the “Djed,” is historically attributed to Egyptian fertility worship. For nine year olds? I think not.

khet.jpgOverall the unique diversion from typical board games makes this game worthwhile if your attention span can last beyond the lasers. It offers to satisfy strategists as well as to teach you the treachery of 90 degree angles.