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Are You Guilty Of Doing These 3 Things That Ruin Your Child’s Self Confidence?

I’m sure when you think back to where you even got your confidence from, you probably can’t pick out a single thing. It would certainly be hard to pick one, because your confidence really is heavily shaped by how you are raised.

Even if you don’t always feel confident (we ALL have days like that as Moms) you have everything you need to impart to your child self worth and confidence.

If your child lacks confidence, it can be detrimental to them as they get older because they’re terrified of failure or disappointing you.

Here are 3 things you should completely avoid doing so you don’t mess them up!

Comparing Your Child To Other Children

Comparing your child to other children (whether they be siblings, classmates, friends) is just detrimental to their confidence.

This type of behavior from you will help your child feel inadequate, jealous, competitive, and like they are just not good enough.

Every child needs to have their own time to shine in front of their Mom, and you need to be able to help them to shine in their own right.

Packing Out Your Child’s Schedule

Packing out your child’s schedule just is going to hurt them in the long run, if not the short one. You need time to relax, right? So does your child.

Keeping them involved in a ton of activities just is going to burn them out and make them feel frazzled. It can even lead to a full on breakdown later on.

Your child needs downtime! Let them have a few hours a day to themselves to play and relax.

Having No Activities

You as a Mom need to strike the balance between packing out your child’s schedule and having no activities scheduled for them.

Having no activities can also hurt them because things like tennis lessons or dance classes (whatever your child likes and shows an interest in should be something you support, so these are just examples) teach them so many valuable skills.

That being said, learning something new of course helps build confidence.