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You Probably Don’t Know That These Celebs Were All Raised By Their Single Moms

Instagram; pictured above is Jay-Z documenting Beyonce’s birthday 

After Jay-Z’s father left his family behind, Jay-Z’s mom was left with no choice but to step up and support her children.

She didn’t only parent Jay-Z, she also inspired him with her bravery and hard work.

Something Jay-Z is the proudest of his mother for though is coming out and revealing to him she is a lesbian.

Jay-Z spoke about this saying:

“For my mother, to have to live as someone she wasn’t and hide and protect her kids, [not] wanting to embarrass her kids, for all this time and for her to sit in front of me and tell me, ‘I think I love someone’…I mean I really cried.”

Single moms are truly all heroes!

Instagram; pictured above is Jay-Z performing alongside his wife 

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