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You Probably Don’t Know That These Celebs Were All Raised By Their Single Moms

Instagram; pictured above is Shaq showing off his size 

Professional Basketball player Shaquille O’Neal was raised solely by his mother – Lucille O’Neal.

Shaq told ESPN that she had a tremendous impact on his life and that the two were very close.

Lucille was always pushing Shaq to become the best version of himself; at one point he joked that she had the remote control to his life.

He explained to ESPN, “A lot of times when I’m sitting and not doing anything she’ll call me and say ‘you know I don’t like what you said on TV, you know you need to get your doctorate.”

Thanks to her pushing, Shaq was able to become a star.

He shared that his mom was his “role model” throughout life.

Instagram; pictured above is Shaq on the boardwalk 

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