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You Probably Don’t Know That These Celebs Were All Raised By Their Single Moms

Instagram; pictured above is Keanu Reeves while filmingĀ 

Another A-list celebrity who was raised primarily by his mom is Keanu Reeves.

His parents split up when he was a young child and Patricia Taylor, Keanu’s mom, stepped up to the plate.

Like Leo, Keanu used one of his acceptance speeches to publicly thank his mother for the massive impact she had on his career.

While accepting his Hollywood Walk of Fame star, Keanu said:

“When I was 15 years old and a kid in Canada, I asked my mom if it was okay to an actor…

She said, ‘whatever you want’…so thanks, Mom.”

Instagram; pictured above is Keanu Reeves during production for another filmĀ 

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