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This New Mom Couldn’t Even Leave The Hospital Without Getting Shamed

The internet can be an amazing place. I mean, you can instantly find an answer to any question you have or quickly come up with a new dinner recipe in ten seconds flat. The internet can also be quite an ugly place, and I’m always surprised at how rude and unkind people can be on there.

For reality TV star Deena Cortese, she’s learning that being a new mom doesn’t even get you a pass for all the insanely out of line internet haters. You probably know her best from the hit MTV show Jersey Shore, but her latest role is mom of tiny little Christopher John. Being in the public eye is hard enough, but being a new mom in the public eye? What a tough thing to navigate.

Instagram; Deena snuggles her son CJ in the photo above

Deena and her son, whom she is calling CJ, couldn’t even leave the hospital without getting shamed by internet trolls. As any new mom does, Deena shared a bunch of adorable photos of her newborn on her Instagram. Her posts quickly garnered a slew of comments from other moms feeling the need to shame her and pick apart her parenting, and it all started when she posted a photo of her and her husband about to leave the hospital with their son.

Instagram; Deena and her husband, Chris, prepare to leave the hospital with their son CJ in the photo above

The photo above is what set the mom shamers off. CJ is wearing an outfit that looks pretty appropriate for New Jersey in January. Considering how cold it is, it makes sense that Deena tried to bundle up her little bundle of joy. Mom shamers were quick to come for Deena in their quest for carseat safety.

A lot of Deena’s negative followers commented that CJ’s outfit was too bulky for him to be safe while in his carseat dressed like that. Deena had a bunch of fans that tried to defend her in the comments, and Deena decided to stick up for herself and her family. “Going home, ( it’s not a jacket .. it’s a onesie and hospital approved it ) we’re not perfect but we got this, thank you for the concerns.” Deena said.

As one commenter pointed out on the post, “holy shit, “Mum Shaming” is horrible here..” I couldn’t agree more.

Instagram; CJ in the outfit mom shamers freaked out about on Instagram

Honestly, this makes me completely understand why Kylie Jenner chose to not even let her fans know she was pregnant, and it makes sense that she continues to keep her life pretty private even now that her daughter has been born.

Instagram; CJ is already showing off some stylish outfits in the above photo