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These Are The 5 Strangest Pregnancy Symptoms Nobody Tells You About, Except Us

When you think of pregnancy, I’m sure you think of morning sickness, weird food cravings like ice cream with pickles, and being completely exhausted. Those are the symptoms we all generally tend to think of, but what about the ones nobody tells you about? Here are the 10 strangest pregnancy symptoms that every Mom needs to know about.

Craving…Not Food

We all know you can have strange food related cravings during pregnancy, but what about strange cravings for…not food? Apparently that can happen! If you feel the urge to eat something that isn’t food, it’s called Pica. Definitely reach out to your doctor if you find yourself craving things that are not edible.

 Darkening Skin

This is one we haven’t heard of until recently, but your skin can darken during your pregnancy. The skin underneath your arms, around both breasts, and surrounding your lip are most susceptible to getting darker.

Metallic Mouth

Some Moms experience a strange metallic taste in their mouth throughout their pregnancy. Family Education says that this could be “a pregnancy-related condition called dysgeusia.” They go on to say that, “According to the University of Utah, dysgeusia takes place as a reaction to an increase in estrogen levels, and can cause a metallic taste in your mouth.”


We hate to be the ones to tell you this, but pimples can be part of pregnancy. It’s not uncommon to break out due to all your hormonal changes. If you’re considering taking any medications for acne to alleviate your symptoms, check with your doctor first. You want to make sure it won’t cause any harm to your baby!

Skin Discoloration

All those pregnancy hormones can increase your melanin level, which in turn can cause skin discoloration and dark patches. Melasma is what the dark skin patches are referred to as, and limiting your skin’s exposure to the sun can help prevent this.

It’s good that you know about the above symptoms so you’re not surprised or concerned during your pregnancy!