This Mom Took Her Daughter’s Cellphone Away & Was Shockingly Arrested For Her Act Of Parenting

Jodie May is a Mom from Granville, Michigan. After her 15 year old teen daughter got in trouble at school, she decided to dole out what seemed to be a very fair punishment. She took away her phone.

Jodie expected this act of parenting to help her daughter realize the error of her ways. “I was just being a mom, a concerned parent and disciplining my daughter,” Jodie said about her decision. Honestly, who can blame her for this? It’s something any good Mom would do; parent their children.

Unfortunately, Jodie was arrested for taking her daughter’s cellphone away from her, facing up to 93 days in jail, and you’re not going to believe why.

Ottawa County Jail

Jodie’s daughter complained to her father that her Mom took her phone away from her. Jodie is no longer married to her daughter’s father; the two are divorced. In what can only be described as a vindictive act of poor parenting, the girl’s father took action against Jodie.

He filed a police report with the Ottawa County Sheriff’s Office claiming that he owned the girl’s phone, and that his ex-wife stole it. Yeah, ok, pal. Jodie was then arrested. She was facing down a charge of misdemeanor larceny. She was also looking at 93 long days in jail.

Thank goodness she was released on bail of $200, but she still had to appear in court.

“I’ve had an opportunity to discuss this case with the victim in this case, or at least the person we believed owned the property,” Sarah Matwiejczyk, Ottawa County Assistant Prosecutor, said the judge at her trial.

Sarah went on to say that Jodie’s ex didn’t own her daughter’s phone at all. In fact, Jodie’s daughter did. This was Jodie’s saving grace, and the assistant prosector went on to say, “The mother defendant being the mother of the minor child, I believe that changes the case significantly.”

“Therefore we’re requesting that the charges be dismissed.”

Here’s what Jodie has to say about her whole crazy court ordeal:

“I think it’s ridiculous. I can’t believe I had to be put through it, my daughter had to be put through it, my family. I’m very surprised, but I’m very happy with the outcome.”