The Picniic App Helps All Kinds Of Families Get Organized

Have you heard of Picniic? Picniic is one innovative and incredible app that has hit the market with the goal of helping families get organized and you definitely need to know about it if you don’t already! It’s a complete dream come true for parents, as you can use it as your very own virtual personal assistant. Picniic brings together tasks, data, and activities for your family all in one place, and all accessible from your smartphone, desktop, or tablet! It just doesn’t get any better than that!

Some of the key features of Picniic include:

  • Shared family calendar
  • Assign to-dos, lists, and chores
  • Family news feed
  • Store your own custom recipes
  • Search online recipes
  • Meal planner
  • Real-time family locator
  • Custom ‘places’ for family check-ins
  • Encrypted family info locker
  • Birthdays & anniversaries
  • Upload & share your family photos
  • Powerful calendar importing & subscriptions
  • Subscribe to your family calendar at work
  • Sync with TeamSnap sports
  • Easily import info from other organizers

Picniic’s newly launched feature called Circles is really ingenuitive and helpful! With Circles, you can create a private group or groups for all your family connections. Circles has a message board, calendar, to-do lists, and even the ability to share family photos.

Circles is a perfect way to help all kinds of different family structures stay organized and on top of what their children have going on. What kind of families is Circles really perfect for?

Circles is a simple way to keep separated or divorced families up to date on their children. You can even choose what to share with your former significant other. Circles can also help you stay in touch with siblings, cousins, grandparents, cousins, babysitters, nannies, organizations, and friends.

Picniic’s CEO and co-founder, Michael Cole, has this to say about what his inspiration was for creating the app:

“My family initially – I am married with two kids and my family life was hectic to say the least. We were using 7-8 different apps to run the family household – one parent had some critical info and the other one had other critical information.

Too many things were falling through the cracks as these 7-8 apps were tied to one person, not the whole family.

It’s the kind of situation where a miscommunication leads to one parent forgetting to pick the kid up at practice – it sends the whole family into disarray and creates unwanted stress. At the same time, we were trying to share responsibilities across the family including our kids – and this approach was not working.

Then, I interviewed over 120 families to understand if they had similar challenges and what were they using as tools to run the family home. It turns out, they had similar pain points. From there, we decided to build out a unified family platform and called it Picniic.”



Feature image courtesy of Picniic