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These Little Drops Are Perfect For Every Wine Loving Mom & Here’s Why

Everybody knows sulfites in wine can get you into some pretty good trouble. We’re talking hangovers and it being hard to get up the next morning. Well, these drops are perfect for every wine lover and here’s why: they neutralize sulfites in wine so you can have a glass without the worry!

Sulfites are essential to prevent wine from undergoing oxidation, however a lot of people are allergic or sensitive to them. If you’ve ever felt nauseous, crampy, and/or bloated, it’s the sulfites talking. Just The Wine drops save the day (and the night if you’re out on the town), with only 4 drops per glass of wine.

I actually had to stop drinking red wine because I had such a terrible reaction to the sulfites and would get really terrible headaches and nausea pretty much instantly after taking a few sips. I know white wine doesn’t exactly pair well with everything you could eat for dinner, so it’s kind of exciting to be able to enjoy a glass of red wine on occasion at dinner!

If you want to take care of the sulfites in a whole bottle of wine, you only need 13 drops. There’s definitely a lot of drops packed in this little bottle! You can simply put your new¬†Just The Wine drops in the fridge after you open them for safe keeping. From there, you can use the bottle for up to a whole year.

No, you don’t have to worry about the drops affecting the taste of your choice of drink at all; they just don’t! You can’t even tell they’re in there.

These amazing little drops were created by siblings Jean and Rodney Ishihara because Jean had a real severe sensitivity to sulfites in wine and champagne and wanted to still be able to enjoy.

You can buy this incredible invention for yourself here!