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A Guide To What Halloween Treats Are Appropriate For Young Kids

Halloween is an exciting time of year, but it certainly raises a lot of questions as well, especially if you have young children. What treats are appropriate for toddlers? Can babies even have candy?

We have you covered here in the Chip Chicklet Guide To Halloween Candy For Young Kids!

Can babies even have candy?

It’s cute and fun to dress your little one up and take them trick or treating, but if your baby is under age 2, then definitely skip giving them any kind of candy. It’s not safe for their developing teeth!

What treats are appropriate for toddlers?

Toddlers can have candy, but make sure you give them treats that are easy for them to chew on and don’t pose a choking risk.

Some of our top picks are sour patch kids, anything that’s really a soft gummy candy, Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups, and Snicker’s Bars.

What treats are dangerous for children under 5 years old?

I’m sure you know that hard candies are quite easy for children under 5 years of age to choke on, and they really are the most dangerous kinds of candy you can give your child. We’re talking Gobstoppers, Jolly Ranchers, hard Life Savers, and Lemonheads.

Another dangerous option is gum, so avoid that one too.

One study that came out in 2013 took a look at why children under 14 visited the emergency room, and discovered that hard candy was the reason for the majority of choking cases. Scary, but avoidable!

What about candy apples?

If you would like to give a candy apple to your child, definitely cut them up into smaller pieces first. Just handing your child a candy covered apple impaled on a stick could be dangerous!

Post Trick Or Treating Checklist

After you take your child trick or treating, make sure you sit down with them and go through all the candy they received; removing anything that poses a risk for choking. When this is complete, don’t just hand the whole bag of candy over to your child, because that’s just looking for belly aches and it also doesn’t inspire healthy habits by giving them free reign over junk food. A good idea is to put it away and let them have a piece a day after dinner!