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If You Have One Of These Car Seats, You Need To Buy A New One ASAP

Car seats were made to keep your children safe out there, but if you have one of these car seats, you need to buy a new one ASAP.

Consumer Reports recently took a look at a variety of toddler booster child car seats on the market today, and their results will potentially shock you. Just a quick note; toddler booster child car seats are also often called harness-to-booster seats. Their findings from their study reveal that four very well known brands are definitely not as safe as you expected they were when you purchased them for your child.

Yes, car seats need to meet a federal safety standard, but Consumer Reports started doing their own car seat testing in 2014. The goal was to uncover which car seats had a higher level of safety for children than just a basic one. Consumer Reports scores car seats according to Basic, Better, and Best with how well they do (or do not do) in their rigorous testing.

During testing, it was discovered that these four major brands of car seats only have a Basic level of safety, and parts of these seats even broke off during testing: Cosco Finale, Britax Frontier ClickTight, Harmony Defender 360, and Britax Pioneer. The fact that parts came off points to your child being not as safe as you imagined.

If you get into a car accident with your child and they are in one of the above car seats, they’re at a great risk of suffering injury. They could hit their head inside your car, or even be ejected, and no Mom wants to have to even experience that.

If you own one of the four car seats that put your child at risk, of course they’re safer than not using a car seat at all, but definitely replace them with a car seat that provides your child a Better or Best level of safety.