Build Your Own Mall With miWorld

home_slides_5Because every kid dreams of having their own mini-Dairy Queen in their room (actually wait, they probably really do), we have miWorld, a brand new series of playsets that let kids build their very own miniature real-world mall. You know, for when they can’t make it to the promised land in person and start missing the throngs of people, incessant noise, and out-of-order bathrooms.

miWorld has starter and deluxe playsets, including walls, floor pieces, dolls, stickers, and accessories. Included in those sets is everything needed to turn those basic sets into miniature versions of the Sweet Factory, Claire’s, Dairy Queen, Sprinkles Cupcakes, or an OPI Nail Salon, five of the brands that have signed on with Jakks to help create the new playsets. Once everything is set up, kids can use an app to have augmented reality experiences in their mini-malls, creating digital avatars to go shopping and play games for coins. You have to hand it to those handfuls of stores – they’ve actually figured out a way to make a game out of fake going to their stores with fake money. A considerable achievement.

The miWorld Starter Playsets are $15, with the Deluxe Playsets coming in at $30. There are also $3 accessory packs with extra accessories to add more details to one of the stores.

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