Buzzy 4 Shots Takes the Sting Out of Needles at the Hospital

buzzy_studio_002_cI’m not sure anyone can be said to actually like needles, but there are certainly quite a few of us who have a more-profound-than-most distaste for them. That number climbs even higher when it comes to kids. That’s partly because, well, needles can be painful. Buzzy 4 Shots hopes to change that.

Buzzy 4 Shots is a little device in the guise of a friendly little bee. But, unlike real bees and needles, this guy doesn’t have a sting – instead, the device vibrates and chills the area above where the needle is going to go in, diminishing the response of the pain receptors in that area. This way, vaccinations will go down a little easier, and going to the hospital might be a little less of a negative experience for everyone.

Of course, the big caveat here is that needle pain isn’t the actual problem – the fear is. That said, Buzzy 4 Shots might be most effective by virtue of the placebo effect (not to say it’s not an effective painkiller). The fear of needles, especially in kids, can probably be brought down significantly by the psychological reassurance that a device like this could provide. And, if that means more vaccinations, then fly on, little bee.

Buzzy 4 Shots is already making the rounds at 1,200 hospitals, with over 36,000 patients served. Buzzy 4 Shots and the new Buzzy Mini are hoping to reach a larger audience at CES next week. In the meantime, you can get Buzzy for yourself for $40 off the Buzzy 4 Shots website.