Baby’s First iPhone Charger – the KaZoo Elephant Wall Charger

kazoo-wallcharger-elephant-3We’re getting them started early these days. Griffin has a brand new Lightning connector perfect for little ones whose iPhones and/or iPads are just as hungry as they are.

The KaZoo Elephant Wall Charger doesn’t actually have a USB connector – it’s a straight AC-to-Lightning charger, meaning there’s just one piece. Nothing to get lost, or taken apart, and fewer things to be put into curious mouths. Meanwhile, the elephant’s face and ears are made of soft rubber, so there are no hard edges to pose unnecessary danger to little ones.

Frankly, I don’t know whether or not your baby needs a Lightning charger. I think maybe they don’t. But if I’m wrong, or if Dumbo was your favorite Disney movie, you can get the KaZoo Elephant Wall Charger from Griffin for $30.