Turbo Speeds Onto Netflix as a New Original Series

Turbo-FastTurbo, the high-speed snail that raced onto the big screen this summer, is coming back as part of a brand new Netflix Original Series – the first Netflix Original Series for kids.

Turbo FAST (Fast Action Stunt Team) will pick up where the movie left off, with Turbo and his high-speed snails racing and pulling off all manner of death-defying stunts. The show will be produced by DreamWorks, with a brand new voice cast. All the characters from the movie will be back, along with a few new friends and villains to round things out.

The show will kick off on Christmas Eve, when the first five episodes will be released. The initial season is expected to run for 26 episodes, with the other 21 released periodically throughout 2014. So, if you’ve got a few speed fans at home, the new show might be a solid choice for the family during the holiday season. Meanwhile, you can check out the trailer for Turbo FAST below.