Sesame Street Touch & Learn TV Lands on the Windows Store

Screenshot.262259.100000The Kinect Sesame Street TV Game is getting a port of sorts to Windows 8, offering kids the same kind of interactive television experience, only with touch controls instead of the movement that the Kinect requires.

Sesame Street Touch & Learn TV features 20-minute Sesame Street episodes that aren’t terribly dissimilar from what you would see on television. The difference is that these episodes feature interactive activities and mini-games that keep kids engaged – even though Sesame Street alone will probably do the trick, anyway. The full-body motions required by the Kinect version are translated into touch controls for the Windows version, so the emphasis on staying active won’t quite be the same. But, as for this being educational content, it should be no less rewarding.

Sesame Street Touch & Learn TV is available for $6.99 on the Windows store. There are eight 20-minute episodes in all – four are included in the asking price, and the other four can be purchased separately within the app.