Watch Over Me Gives You and Your Baby Sweet Dreams

7115KbARWZL._SL1500_If you’re desperate for anything, anything to get your baby to sleep peacefully, you can give Watch Over Me a try. The device, which can be attached to a crib, gives your baby a gentle light and sound show that should help ease them to sleep. With any luck, it’ll give you a good night’s sleep, too.

Watch Over Me looks a bit odd (kind of like a printer with three arms reaching out of the top), but it makes for a great show. The arms dangle moon, star, and planet discs that sway gently while the speaker below plays soothing music to help babies fall asleep. There are 18 pieces of music to choose from, and all have been chosen by sleep experts, so hopefully they have as good of taste as your baby does. Soft light is displayed on the arms, with dancing stars playing on the backdrop.

The really cool part here is the smart sensor. The smart sensor is a motion detector, and helps Watch Over Me react to your baby’s movements. As your baby starts getting sleepy and starts to move less, the sensor will gradually cause the lights to get dimmer and the music to get quieter. If your baby wakes up in the middle of the night, the sensor will cause Watch Over Me to display soft light to hopefully keep your baby calm. And, if by some miracle your baby sleeps through the whole night, Watch Over Me will gradually light up and begin to play music to help your baby wake up peacefully. You can set that feature to go off after four, six, or eight hours.

You can find Watch Over Me, from B Kids, on Amazon now for $41.