Give Kids an Early Present With Santa Sent Me a Letter

2013-Main-Banner-Pre-TurkeyThis year, make sure the letters don’t just flow one way – to the North Pole. With Santa Sent Me a Letter, you can make sure your kids (or whoever) get signed and sealed missives from the big man himself, along with some optional Christmas keepsakes.

Each letter that Santa sends out can be completely customized – you can add personal details, or have Santa list the exact reasons why your kid ended up on nice list this year – grades, doing chores, not shaving the neighbor’s dog, or what have you.

Each letter comes on special stationary with Santa’s postmark. Past that, you have the option to donate to a little more money to Santa’s holiday operations, and in return get a wax seal, an official Nice List ID card, or a huge key that you can tell kids Santa will use so he doesn’t track chimney soot into the house.

Prices range between $11 and $20, and you can have a letter sent at any time before December 15.