RoboMe is the Ultimate Prankster for This Holiday Season

1862In the hands of the wily (so, kids), pretty much anything remote controlled is fair game for pranking anyone and everyone, especially older siblings. Well, with RoboMe, older siblings everywhere are going to be looking to the holiday season with eyes rolled, because remote control is about to get a lot more annoying for them.

RoboMe is a robotic buddy powered by an iPhone or iPod Touch. An app provides RoboMe’s face, which is fully customizable and can be anything from robot to human to alien, as frightening as the prospect of robotic aliens is. The app also makes RoboMe speak, but kids can record their voices for RoboMe to use, too. And, the robot will seem more reactive thanks to face tracking.

Past that, there are quite a few ways to play with RoboMe. It all comes from how versatile the robot and the app are – RoboMe has tons of triggers that can be programmed to activate certain actions. So, shaking the robot’s hand, for example, will make him do – well, whatever you want him to do, as long as it’s within his abilities. Same goes for voice commands, which are fully customizable, too. RoboMe can also be set to move on his own, and he has sensors so he can navigate around walls.

Then, there’s the remote control option. RoboMe comes with his own remote, so kids can control his movements from afar. Better yet, if kids can get their hands on a second iOS device, they can control RoboMe from that, too. That one really opens up the world of pranking – kids will be able to see what RoboMe sees through the iPhone or iPod Touch front-facing camera, while controlling RoboMe and activating their own recorded voice snippets while doing so. You can imagine the possibilities.

You can pre-order RoboMe from WowWee for $100. It’s scheduled to ship on October 31.