Lotty Dotty App Turns Kids Into Fashion Designers

image002Your kids can get a head start on their future applications to get on Project Runway with the Lotty Dotty app, which provides digital dolls that can be dressed up in a number of ways.

In the app, there are five different models kids can dress up. There will be dresses, skirts, tops, and all the standard apparel, along with a host of accessories that will help everyone get just the right unique look. The app also claims to be useful in getting young girls excited about taking control of their own fashion decisions as they get older. If that means kids learn what not to wear earlier in life, then that seems like a win.

The Lotty Dotty brand also hops out of the app into the real world. You can buy kids’ shirts and tote bags that provide the same kind of fashion experience. All of the merchandise have paper doll-style figures on them with velcro attached. Kids can then take different pieces of mini-clothing that you can also get from Lotty Dotty to dress up the little figure on their shirt that they are dressed in. Fashion-ception.

The Lotty Dotty app is available on the iTunes App Store for free. The long-sleeved kids’ shirts are $38, the tote bags are $40, and the velcro mini-clothing range from $7 to $30.