Join In on Hygiene Hijinks With Ella’s Hand Washing Adventure

screen480x480The problem with kids is that they don’t know anything. You have to teach how to be a human being from scratch, and as every parent ever knows, that is an exceedingly difficult task. So, it’s no joke when an app hits the market promising help with teaching kids one of the fundamentals of life – hand washing.

Kids, with their persistent insistence on knowing why they have to do crazy things like not eat with mud-covered hands, benefit from explanations about these things. And sometimes, just hearing it from you isn’t enough. So, maybe a cutesy app will do the trick. Ella’s Hand Washing Adventure is an adventure game where kids can play around with Ella and her friends in the playground. And, like real kids, Ella and her friends have a remarkable penchant from getting filthy.

The app then kicks into educational mode, taking kids through the process of hand washing and explaining why it’s a good idea not to mix grimy hands with edible things headed stomach-wards. The whole thing is like an interactive storybook, with original music and animations.

Ella’s Hand Washing Adventure is available now on the iTunes App Store for free.