Furby Boom Explodes Onto Mobile Devices

810pM+Th--L._SL1500_What would the holiday season be without new Furby swag? The Furby boom-bust cycle is clearly in its boom days right now, with the Furby being relevant in the last few holidays seasons. This year, we have Furby Boom, the Furby-app crossover that your kids never knew they wanted until.

Furby Boom is the Furby for the connected generation. The interesting thing about Furby Boom is how completely the experience is tied to the Furby Boom app. Kids can use the app to interact with Furby Boom in a lot of different ways. They can name their Furby, and the Furby will respond to that name, and remember the name of any other Furby friends in the house or neighborhood. The app also lets kids play doctor to their Furby, giving them check-ups, as well as food and baths. Furby Boom is going to be a full-time commitment for kids. They’ll even get an intro to parenting – the Furby’s personality will change depending on how kids play with it. Furby Boom will also be a chatterbox, with twice the amount of responses as the last version of the Furby.

The app isn’t just for interaction with the Furby, though. With it, kids can raise Furblings as they hatch out of their eggs. Furblings come out ready to play games, speak Furbish, and do all kinds of crazy Furby things. Also, there’s a golden Furbling egg to be had, although I don’t know if there’s a Pokemon-esque elaborate breeding process that needs to be embarked on to get that. What I do know is that Furblings need a place to live, which means kids can also customize their own Furbling City.

This year’s essential Furby-frenzy satiating offering can be had from Amazon now for $58. The app is free, and available for iOS and Android.