The Beatrix Girls are Ready to Rock

2A new group of dolls have rolled into town, and they’re ready to rock their way into your kid’s life – all four of them, of course. You wouldn’t want to break up the band, right?

The Beatrix Girls – Lark, Ainsley, Brayden, and Chantal – are a girl group, and they have some impressive musical credentials backing them up. Specifically, they’re being made by Sherry Gunther Shugerman, a producer who has worked with Ke$ha in the past. The girls are a bit more tame than Ke$ha, but they provide plenty of personality in their own right. The doll line is a multimedia experience, backed up by the The Beatrix Girls’ website.

On the website, you’ll find new songs from the group, made, like all good power pop, to be reaffirming confidence boosters for youngsters everywhere. There are also TV spots, pictures of the dolls (sometimes in studio, and I’m pretty sure there are some Instagrams there), and blogs for each one of the girls. The blogs bring each of the bandmates’ personalities to life, from the girly-girl drummer Ainsley to the temperamental Canadian keyboardist Chantal. And, of course, you can sign up to be a Trixie, and be part of the band’s fan club.

Each doll costs $25 plus $10 for shipping and handling from the site. Or, you can wait until the band touches down at Toys’R’Us sometime in the next couple of weeks. The girls each come with their own instruments – Lark with the bass guitar, Ainsley with the drums, Brayden with the guitar, and Chantal with the keyboard. Also, the songs are very much real, and you can check out The Beatrix Girls’ latest and greatest now on iTunes, Amazon, Pandora, or Spotify. Some of the songs can be found for free on The Beatrix Girls website, too.