Barbie and Her Sisters Go for a Ride in New Movie

image003In case you didn’t know, Barbie is quite the equestrian enthusiast. Also, in case you didn’t know, Barbie has three sisters. All of those revelations and more come together in a new movie out on DVD and Blu-ray, called Barbie & Her Sisters in a Pony Tale.

The movie follows Barbie and her three sisters, Stacie, Skipper, and Chelsea, as they all head off for a fabulous getaway to a horse academy up in the Swiss Alps, because when you’ve had a career like Barbie’s, you’re loaded enough to pretty much to do whatever you want. While on their way, the quartet meet a new friend, and learn about friendship and love and all that good stuff.

But yeah, the important part is more dolls. There are two sets coming out along with the movie – a gift set featuring Barbie and her three sisters, and Barbie with the wild horse she finds in the movie. In the latter set, the horse can actually move according to Barbie’s commands – if Barbie’s hand is raised, the horse will approach, and if her hand is lowered a little, the horse will stop. Put her arm down completely, and the horse will bow.

Barbie & Her Sisters in a Pony Tale is going for $20 as a DVD, or $27 as a Blu-ray combo pack. Those two will be available for purchase on October 22. The doll sets are available now – Barbie and her sisters are going for $38, and Barbie with her horse will run you $50.