ArtSee Studio Mixes iPad Art With Physical Play

1696There are tons of art apps for kids on the iPad, but most of them seem pretty content to use a finger or a stylus as the only inputs. ArtSee Studio, which includes a special iPad case and an app, throws a few more toys into the mix that should get kids excited about art.

ArtSee Studio is an art app that allows kids to color in existing scenes or create their own art. The artist’s palette consists of 40 colors and a few different tools – brush, marker, spray can, and a tool to help give the work texture.

The real fun comes with the physical tools, which are held in place by the iPad case. The basic one is Doodlee, the stylus – pretty self-explanatory. Next up is Stampee. In ArtSee Studio, kids can select themes before starting to create art – safari, magic, city, and the like. Stampee takes figures like lions and wizards from those themes and stamps them right into the piece when the tool is touched down on the iPad’s screen. Melodee will add sounds to those figures, while Pointee will animate the figures that Stampee puts in place. Funnee helps kids change themes quickly, while Rollee provides backgrounds and textures behind all the action.

Besides all the art features, there are a few mini-games, like puzzles and mazes, that kids can play. And, everything your child creates can be shared on Facebook or Twitter, or by email. It’s also possible to print out refrigerator-worthy creations.

ArtSee Studio is available from the WowWee store for $40. Keep in mind that the case only fits the iPad, not the iPad Mini. The case will, however, fit any generation of iPad that has been released.