The Game Truck is the Best Vehicle Since Santa’s Sled

3f8a21e3img_06_lgWell, the bouncy castle might just be on its way out as the most-coveted birthday party centerpiece. The Game Truck is cruising into town, and it is going to be desired by boys and girls all over the nation.

So, want to throw your kid a party that they will remember for long, long into the future (and probably beg for again, so be ready for that)? Throw them a GameTruckParty. The Game Truck is outfitted with scored of HDTVs, and stocked with Xbox 360s, PS3s, and Wiis, along with tons of games. If you’re concerned at all about getting enough of the neighborhood kids to come to your child’s birthday party, this thing will pretty much guarantee that your party will hit critical mass. Take from that what you will.

GameTruckParty does all kinds of celebrations besides birthday parties, including graduations and bar mitzvahs. If you’re interested in a Game Truck visit, you can contact them on their website for more information about pricing and availability in your area.