Shop for Kids App Gets You Ready for Holiday Shopping Season

screen568x568As of today, it’s officially autumn, and you know what that means. It’s holiday shopping season time. And, if you’ve got kids, well, chances are those kids have already given you your holiday gift marching orders. If they haven’t, they’re coming. But, that doesn’t mean you can’t use a little extra help during the bank account-draining season to nail down the perfect gifts for your kids.

You can look to the Shop for Kids App, which gives you a whole host of tools to use to find not just the perfect gifts, but the perfect gifts at the best prices. Probably the most convenient way to use the app is to use the barcode scanner. The app uses TimetoPlayMag.com‘s database of toys, video games, sporting goods, baby products – anything fit to give a kid for their birthday or for the holidays. The website provides information, rankings, and reviews of all of those products, and that data will be accessible once you’ve scanned an item. You’ll also be able to comparison shop – the app will aggregate online and store prices for whatever item you’re looking at, so you’ll know exactly where you can find the best deal.

For everything above, you’ll be able to browse for items or search for items specifically, in addition to barcode scanning. If you need reminders about when your kids’ or nephews’ or nieces’ birthdays are coming up, you can set up alerts as well. TimetoPlayMag.com also has daily giveaways that you can enter easily straight from the app.

The Shop for Kids app is available now for free for Android and iOS. Now, when your kids hand over their carefully collated, pages-long wish lists, you’ll be all set to tackle them.