Get Ready to Land on Planet Orbeez This Year

product-01Orbeez, the little pellets that expand into squishy balls when they come into contact with water, have firmly established themselves as major players in the holiday shopping game. That means they have to up their game every year. In 2013, they’re doing it with their new Planet Orbeez line of playsets.

With the new playsets, Orbeez orbs will be doing a little bit more than just laying around. They’ll be serving roles as the heads of people, the bellies or backs of animals, and the attractions at all the fun places on Planet Orbeez. The line includes Ali’s Adventure Park, a whole Orbeez theme park with a roller coaster, a Ferris wheel, and a swimming pool. The set also includes four of the girls featured in the new line – Ali, Sanura, Mika, and Maya – along with their exotic assortment of pets. There’s even kind of a Rube Goldberg thing going on, where girls can slide Orbeez down a spiral slide into a swimming pool, where they can be picked up by the Ferris wheel.

All in all, Planet Orbeez features six playsets – Ali’s Adventure Park, Maya’s Spa Resort, Niki’s Private Jet, Mika’s Beach Club, Danica’s Dance Party, and Sanura’s Safari. You can find Ali’s Adventure Park now at assorted retailers for about $25. You can also find Niki’s Private Jet and Maya’s Spa Resort for $15 each at Toys’R’Us.