Pixel the Robot iPad Case is the Cutest Ever

186_dpRobots get a bad rap a lot of the time. They get pegged as killers or monotonous drones – unsavory fellows. There just aren’t enough positive robot role models out there, not enough R2-D2s in the world of robots. But, Pixel the Robot does his best.

Pixel is an adorable robot gracing this soft iPad case, from Beatrix New York. It’s actually more of an iPad sleeve, with a zipper opening, and it’s perfect for kids. Why? Well, besides that the robot is cute, the sleeve is water-resistant with ample padding and an inner velvet lining to keep your kid’s tablet well-protected from any ‘oops’ moments the little one might have. Or, hey, you can just keep the sleeve for yourself – Pixel’s a robot for all ages.

The binary-speaking bot can become the noble protector of your home’s tablet for $32.