Introduce Your Child to the World of Reading In Learn With Homer

screen480x480No, your child won’t be learning with that Homer – ages 3 to 6 are still a bit too young for pink donuts and apathy on the job. Simpson takes a backseat to Homer, the poet pigeon and your child’s new guide through the world of reading.

Learn With Homer starts by taking kids through the basics – the phonetic value of each morpheme and diphthong, with verbal cues for each. Kids will get lots of repetitions in to solidify that early exposure to the basics, which sets a solid foundation for the reading, which comes later. That expands into stories, rhymes, folklore, games and activities, which eventually start to delve into other subjects like art, history, and science.

All of this takes place in an engaging world with a few animal friends that kids have the freedom to explore. The app draws from a lot of different cultures and ideas to create one world that is kid-friendly and appealing. It’s also a world that follows the new Common Core educational standards being implemented soon. Parents can also track their kids’ progress through the app, every step of the way.

Learn With Homer is a free download on the iTunes App Store, although there is extra content that can be had as in-app purchases. The good thing about that is that Learn With Homer remains ad-free. And, when you get the free app, you’ll get a good chunk of content free, too – 18 Learn to Read lessons and stories, 12 Discover the World lessons, Homer’s Clubhouse (kind of like the hub for the app), and the parental progress tracking features.