Harrassing Siblings Becomes Even Easier With the Xploderz X3 Sneak Attack

sneak-attack1-712x404The Xploderz line of toy guns – guns that use Xploderz ammo, which are soft, biodegradable pellets that inflate when filled with water – have been out for a while, but they’ve never innovated in the world of sibling annoyance quite like this.

The X3 Sneak Attack is a new gun that has a hinge. That means you can bend it around a corner and stay hidden while you line up your shot on your unsuspecting victim. There’s a mirror on the barrel, so you don’t even have to pop your head out to peek. You can keep cover, line up your shot, and fire away with one, two, or three rounds. This way, you have an extra head start on making your getaway when your older brother or sister jumps off the couch looking for vengeance. And, with a 125 foot range on the Sneak Attack, they’re going to have to make up a lot of ground to catch up.

The X3 Sneak Attack is just one of many new Xploderz guns hitting toy stores soon, including the X3 Retaliator, X3 Invader, X3 Face Off, and X3 Equalizer. The whole new X3 line should be popping into toy stores and onto Amazon soon.